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How do I know what I need and what Should I look for in a mattress?

There are Three Basic Principals to Every Sleep System:

1. The foundation – is the basis of every sleep system. Sometimes called box springs, it should be replaced with the mattress and purchased as a set in order to maintain warranty conditions. Because it is designed to work together with the mattress to provide durability and support, one should not be purchased without the other.

2. The innerspring – or Core is the mattress itself and the unique support characteristics built into the system by the manufacturer. It includes
Tempur-pedic’s tempur material” which gives their sleep systems patented allergen-free comfort, support, and durability. Sensitivity to weight and temperature provides the body with energy absorbing, motion free, relief on pressure points. See
Serta’s patented “Continuous Support” innerspring coil system designed using double-tempered steel to deliver head to toe support that surpasses the comfort of an average “coil count” mattress and “Free Flex” which is engineered for the human body. See

3. The comfort level – is the way you feel lying down. Upholstered layers above the innerspring provide the sleep system with various levels of comfort such as firm, plush, pillow top, euro top and extra plush. Special fibers and responsive foams provide a surface that conforms to the body and provides supportive luxury all night long.
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Why is My Mattress So Important?

Your bed is not just a place to lay your head. It is where you will spend one third of your life and is therefore the single most important piece of furniture in your home.

Mattresses are the most important and most used piece of furniture you own. Your sleep system is the only piece of furniture that can improve your health and well-being.

The decision you make now will be one you sleep on for a long time. Be sure to invest in the right one. It is important that you find a brand name you trust and a local retailer you can rely on to give you peace of mind and a good night’s rest.
See our Tips for Selecting the Right Mattress for more information.

When is it time to replace my mattress? If you are tired… your mattress probably is too. Look for these signs and decide for yourself:

Does your mattress – Sag where you usually sleep, Dip in the center making you roll toward your partner, Have non-supportive edges, Squeak or make noises?

Do you or your partner – Have chronic back pain, Find yourself irritable or unable to concentrate, Wake with stiffness, Feel tired in the morning or need daily naps?

Replace it today and wake up refreshed! Scientific studies prove that replenishing sleep is just as important to a healthy lifestyle as nutrition and exercise. In fact, maybe more so! It is recommended that mattresses are replaced every eight years or so. If your mattress shows signs of wear or if you wake up tired…it is time to invest in a better night’s rest.


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