Design Furniture Outlets

Designer Furniture Outlets:
Deep Discounts on High Style

When Inside Out Furniture and Design opened a sister store, Designer Furniture Outlets, in 2006, the intent was to offer Pensacola residents something that they’d never had access to before: factory closeout furniture sourced directly from some of the best name brands on the market, available to them at prices between 40-70% below retail. It’s a refreshing change, one that makes exclusive luxury furniture more accessible to those whose eye for style is limited only by their budget, whose greatest wish is to make their home and decor match their designer dreams without sacrificing their finances.

Furniture at 40-70% Below Retail

DFO furniture isn’t just mass-market cast-offs. Quite the contrary—the items we offer are furniture factory closeouts from top of the line furniture companies, pieces that are on-trend and high quality. Products that reflect the demands of the buyers who seek out luxury and design. We may be considered furniture discounters, but we don’t discount our clients’ standards.

We pride ourselves on being the exclusive retailer of many of the brands we carry, names that have built and maintained a reputation for their excellent style and their craftsmanship; and we believe that that direct relationship with our distributers reflects the reputation we’ve built for ourselves, as well. Our customers have come to expect excellence from us, at a price point that we guarantee to be the lowest available. That’s The Real Deal way, and that’s one of the core concepts behind our company.

Designer Furniture Outlets:
Prestige Products at the Perfect Price

Rather than being just another name, at DFO, we make it a priority to set ourselves apart from all of the other furniture liquidators out there. We sell more than just furniture—we sell a lifestyle. We provide a taste of the high life at low prices, so that our customers can furnish their homes without limiting their imaginations, so that every room they create expresses their unique personal style and makes them feel as though they’re living in the lap of luxury. Whether our clients are looking for beautiful bedroom pieces or a sumptuous seating solution for their living room, DFO can satisfy all of their decorating needs.

Odfour showroom is filled with stunning pieces to fit every style and every space, and because the items we offer are limited quantity, they go fast. It keeps our stock fresh, up-to-date, and highly in demand. Every day on our floor paints a different picture, which means that—when someone finds their perfect piece—time to buy is now. Fortunately, with price points as low as ours, clients can claim the dining set of their dreams, all with the satisfaction of knowing that their treasures didn’t come at a ransom.

At DFO, we offer financing options to meet every need, with no credit check and no down-payment necessary. Our clients in Pensacola and the surrounding area have come to appreciate our dedication to assisting them in every way we can, and they know that our deeply discounted prices and limited quantities don’t mean we limit service. It’s a principle we share with our partners at Inside Out, and one that’s kept us successful for nearly a decade. We offer decorator decadence at great values, selecting the pieces we carry in our showroom with an experienced eye, knowing that, in doing so, we’re ensuring the excellence of our products and truly living up to the name of Designer Furniture Outlets.

We know that simply selling beautiful home furnishings and designer decor at low prices isn’t enough. We go above and beyond to provide our clients the same level of service that they could expect to find at the finest retailers. That’s the kind of dedication that we feel keeps them coming back; they know that what they find in our showroom will be high class, low cost, and the kind of treatment that has become our trademark.

As you seek out solutions for your own needs in home furnishings and accessories, take a look at what Designer Furniture Outlets has to offer. We know we can make the decor of your dreams without charging nightmare prices!

Visit our showrooms today at 8655 Gulf Beach Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32507