How to Shop

Top 5 Tips for Selecting the Right New Mattress.

1. Educate yourself – Our sales associates will be glad to demonstrate the benefits of every mattress we have available, however, you may want to gather more information regarding these product lines before you visit our store.

Start by visiting and learn more about the materials used, inner spring construction of various mattress types. Determine which benefits and styles you prefer…then stop by our showroom for a “comfort consultation.”

2. Know your basic preferences before you shop – Discuss your sleep style with your partner. Consider the size and whether you are interested in a pillow top, plush or firm mattress.
Do you prefer innerspring or memory foam? Are you comfortable together on a queen size or does a king sized bed better serve your needs? Is your choice limited by your room size or your furniture? You might just be interested in selecting a new frame and headboard!

3. Shop when you are well rested and can concentrate – even though that will be difficult because surveys show that “American wake up sleep deprived 90% of the time”.
You will spend one third of your day on your mattress…make the best decision, get a better night’s sleep and it will help you with all the other difficult choices in life.
If your mattress squeaks, dips in the center, leaves you with morning back pain…you are not sleeping as well as you should. Many people are not getting the full eight hours of rest required to give our bodies healthy stages of replenishing sleep, unless of course you are already resting on a new mattress from Mattress Express!

4. Select a trusted brand name from an official retail distributor – Serta and Tempur-pedic are brands synonymous with sleep system experience and customer satisfaction. Designer Furniture Outlets and Inside Out Furniture feature their products and are proud to list Mattress Express as their preferred mattress supplier.

The majority of mattresses sold each and every day are from one of these manufacturers. Serta stands behind their warranty and you can trust us to bring you the “real deal” from each of their product lines.

5. Relax and focus on comfort – With trusted support systems from Serta and Tempu-pedic, you can be sure that with Mattress Express and Bedroom you are not just buying a place to lay down but you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. Now you can concentrate on comfort.

Come into our showroom wearing comfortable clothing and lie down. Experience the difference between tempur materials, innerspring construction, pillow top plush or comfortable firm sets. Stretch out and let our sales associates help you to decide which mattress system is best for your needs.


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