Living Room Furniture

We offer a wide range of options in living room collections from trusted companies known for their superior beauty and quality. With sumptuous seating selections from premium brands like Fjords Recliners and Design Chairs; American Leather; and Stanley Chair Company, Inc., our clients can enjoy comfort and class in their own homes, pairing them with elements from our extensive array of other fine home furnishings and designer accessories in such a way that truly communicates their personal style.

22_123Living the High Life

At Inside Out Furniture & Design, we feel a strong commitment to offering our clients in the Pensacola area with designer living room furniture and accessories at prices that are accessible to the average budget. Even so, nothing in our showroom is average–our home decorators select every piece in stock with a well-trained eye and discriminating taste, which means that our customers are guaranteed to find luxury brand home and decor items at a price point that is exclusive to our store. It’s what sets us us apart from our competitors in the furniture industry and what keeps our buyers coming to us year after year as they decorate the rooms in their homes to be the living spaces of their dreams.

We believe that affordable living room furnishings don’t have to look or feel inexpensive. At Inside Out, every piece we offer our clients is reflective of our high standards, from breathtakingly beautiful bedroom furniture to opulent outdoor furniture finishings. We offer nothing short of the best—in quality, in pricing, and in style; and that’s been the cornerstone of our company since we opened our doors more than 20 years ago. In fact, that high demand extends to our commitment to buying American made products whenever we can—we know that, in doing so, we’re communicating our national pride and desire to boost the economy here in this beautiful country that we call home. And home is, after all, what it’s all about.

High Living, Low Cost

High style on a low budget isn’t the only thing we provide; when clients come to Inside Out, they can expect the highest care, including:

  • Free consultations with our design experts
  • Free home visits from our decorating team
  • Consultations with The Mattress Lady, our in-house Mattress Express & Bedroom expert
  • Financing options with no credit check
  • Military discounts

As Pensacola’s source for luxurious living room furniture, we offer brand names known both locally and internationally for their excellence, including:

  • Schnadig International
  • Sea Winds Trading Company
  • Riverside Furniture Corporation
  • Powell Company
  • Palacek
  • Steve Silver Company
  • Lane Furniture

Living Room Furniture Free Consultations with Our Design Experts

We know that the living room is one of the most-used areas of the home, and we want our clients to be able to fill that space with living room furniture that they truly love, adding their own personal touches to every square inch so that when they come home, they can relax and enjoy the beauty all around them. With our exclusive pricing, Inside Out offers something truly unique to our customers—lavish living at low costs, and excellent service standards that have built our reputation and given us long-lasting relationships with our clients. They trust us to work with them on financing solutions to their meet their needs, and they can feel confident in the knowledge that, even though the prices they pay are low, they’re not sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

Not everyone can truly achieve the look they envision without help, so we offer free consultations with our knowledgeable team of decorators. We’ll even make on-site visits to our clients’ homes so that we can help space plan and arrange every rug, lamp, couch, and occasional table to become a room beyond their greatest imagining. We offer custom window treatments to add the perfect accent and soften the space, unique home accents to adorn and provide that one last finishing touch and pop of color. We appreciate the importance of finding the perfect throw pillow and the wow factor that wall art can create, so we provide guidance and advice that can help our customers complete their living rooms to become spaces they’ll never want to leave.

No Room is Just a Room…

To the team at Inside Out, no room is just a room. It’s a chance to create, a blank canvas for personal expression. We feel that the living room should be like a warm greeting, a place to unwind at the end of the day or entertain guests. It’s a place to live out loud and show true character; and by offering the brands and pieces that we do, we help our clients achieve living rooms that truly reflect that character.

Let the experts at Inside Out Furniture & Design get you started on living the beautiful life you’ve always imagined. Visit our showroom today!


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