Outdoor Furniture: Come Out and Stay Awhile

Outdoor Furniture

There’s far more to outdoor furniture than in days gone by, when unattractive dining sets made of plastic ruled the roost and seemed to serve no function for most of the year other than gathering dirt or collecting rainwater. They were hard, they were uninviting; and, unless you took the time and effort to hose them down and dry them off, they made their mark on everyone who dared to sit on them. Even the nylon straps of lawn chairs and chaise lounges were hardly lounge-worthy; and so it seemed that, unless the budget was grand and the backyard bore resemblance to the lush landscapes of a country club, the options for outdoor home furniture was greatly limited.

Thankfully, the advent of better materials and better designers has brought with it the re-imagining of outdoor furniture, and no longer are those who venture outdoors subject to sitting on the edge of their seats. Not only have furniture lines been developed specifically to weather the weather, they’ve also been created to look as beautiful and feel as luxurious as indoor furniture, taking everything from the inside outside, introducing living room furniture and dining room furniture to a whole new world.

Outdoor Furniture:
Elemental Entertaining

While the new pieces are hardly immune to the dirt and grime and rain, they resist it well, bearing up to the elements and never fading in excellence. And with good reason. Full outdoor kitchens have become more commonplace at homes throughout the country, complete with everything from bar sinks to refrigerators and pizza ovens that share space with grills that inspire greatness. With kitchens such as these, the need for dining options is only natural; and with that need comes the the demand for furnishings that are just as boast worthy. Indeed, all aspects of outdoor entertaining have been taken to whole new heights; and those tacky plastic dinettes and rickety nylon seats are being tossed aside in favor of deliciously designed dining sets, stylish sofas, and cushy chairs that mimic their indoor brethren to an extent that they could easily pull double duty.

Whatever the size of the property, the options in outdoor furniture have become almost endless, making living more of life outside more appealing than ever; and people are taking advantage of every opportunity, pulling up to the table or settling in to relax and enjoy the fresh air, the absence of walls, and the sounds of life being lived outside.

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